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NextGen Partners with the Reese's Senior Bowl

Updated: Jan 15

NextGen joins forces with the premier pre-draft all-star organization.

NextGen Partners with the Reese’s Senior Bowl

The Reese’s Senior Bowl partners with Scout Management Platform, NextGen

MOBILE, Ala. – The Reese’s Senior Bowl is partnering with NextGen, a scouting

management platform designed to organize reports, simplify data, and connect player

personnel staff in the office and on the road.

NextGen is making the Reese’s Senior Bowl scouting process easier with an all-in-one

encompassing platform.

“Our partnership with NextGen Prospect has taken our Senior Bowl scouting operation to

the next level this past year,” said Executive Director Jim Nagy. “The NextGen player

database has helped organize player reports and streamline communication with our scouts

across the country. Marc Vitticore and his staff are valued part of our Senior Bowl team.”

NextGen Founder and CEO Marc Vitticore believes the Senior Bowl has changed the NFL pre-

draft process and is excited to help the Senior Bowl be that much more successful in the

future with the services they are able to provide.

“Led by Executive Director Jim Nagy, the Senior Bowl scouting team has revolutionized the

NFL pre-draft process. Enlisting over 10 former NFL players and scouts, Nagy has greatly

enhanced the credibility of player evaluation,” Vitticore states. “Their combined experience

and unrelenting drive have truly raised the bar within the industry. It is a great honor to

assist the Senior Bowl team on their journey upward.”

NextGen understands the hard work and dedication it takes for these scouts; they created a way that will make everything easier to track and organize on this innovative platform.

“More importantly, we value the relationships we have built alongside the incredible people

within the Senior Bowl team,” said Vitticore.

“They are the inspiration behind our work.”

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