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NextGen Announces Strategic Expansion

FAIRPORT, N.Y., April 25, 2024

NextGen Prospect, a trailblazer of sports technology innovation, is excited to unveil the expansion of our dynamic team and the imminent launch of NextGen Logic. Catalyzed by strong client growth, breakthroughs in data aggregation and visualization technologies, this advancement underscores our unwavering dedication to reshaping roster management. 

Financial Growth and Future Outlook

"NextGen's strong team collaboration and robust financial health fuels ongoing innovation, strategic investments in talent and key partnerships, paving the way for significant growth," stated Marc Vitticore, Founder of NextGen Prospect.

Welcoming New Team Members

NextGen warmly welcomes the newest members to our growing team: - Tyler Brewer - Team Outreach Director Previous: Syracuse, Alabama 

Alabama native Tyler Brewer joined NextGen Prospect in April 2024 as Team Outreach Coordinator and Senior Bowl Liaison. His appointment followed a two-year tenure with the Syracuse football staff, where he began as Recruiting Quality Control Coordinator in July 2022 and was later promoted to Assistant Director of Player Personnel prior to the 2023 season.

At Syracuse, Brewer played a key role in the recruiting and personnel departments, focusing on identifying and attracting top prospects, and managing recruit visits and recruitment operations. Prior to his time at Syracuse, he spent four seasons with the Alabama football staff as a Recruiting Specialist, where he managed recruiting events, supported the coaching staff’s recruiting needs, and was responsible for evaluating prospective student-athletes through film analysis.

Brewer graduated from the University of Alabama in May 2022 with a B.S. in Education, majoring in Kinesiology with a concentration in Human Performance and Exercise Sports Science. Brewer’s extensive experience in various facets of football recruiting and team operations, combined with his educational background in sports science, positions him effectively to contribute to NextGen Prospect's outreach initiatives and strengthen their connections within the football community. -  Julius Pruitt -  Team Outreach Specialist - Previous: Miami Dolphins,  Current: Reese's Senior Bowl 

Originally from Newport, Arkansas, he attended Ouachita Baptist University in Arkadelphia, Arkansas, and obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology. A former NFL wide receiver for the Miami Dolphins from 2009 to 2013, he transitioned into the construction industry as an estimator for a stucco/plastering company in South Florida upon retiring. He continues to do estimating and other work remotely for J&M Plastering, while currently serving as an Area Scout for the Reese's Senior Bowl, covering Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, and lower Iowa.

- Michel Kim - Software Developer/Data Integrity

Michel Kim is a Software Developer at NextGen Prospect, specializing in technologies like Node.js, JavaScript, and SQL. Based in São Paulo, Brazil, he joined the company in August 2023. Prior to this, he worked at XDS - Extended Development Solutions, focusing on Android development using Kotlin and Jetpack Compose. Michel is an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner and is currently pursuing an Associate Degree in Computer Science at Uninove - Universidade Nove de Julho. His expertise spans various technologies, including PostgreSQL, Android SDK, and Docker, contributing to his robust development and project management skills at NextGen Prospect.

- Aidan Vitticore - Data Integrity Specialist 

Aidan Vitticore, hailing from Canandaigua, NY, is a dynamic individual deeply involved in both academics and athletics. He graduated from Canandaigua Academy and continued his educational journey at Finger Lakes Community College (FLCC), where he is pursuing a degree in Business Administration. Aidan is an alumnus of Phil Savage's Scout School, associated with the New York Jets in 2022, enhancing his expertise in sports scouting. On the field, he demonstrated his soccer skills as a member of the Lakers' 2021 soccer team, played varsity soccer starting in his junior year, and competed on the Olympic Development Team. His academic and athletic endeavors earned him the Distinguished Scholar Award, reflecting his commitment to excellence in all pursuits.

Internal Movement

Celebrating our commitment to growth and excellence, we're excited to announce key positional shifts;

We are excited to announce significant additions to our team as part of our dedication to growth and excellence. Please join us in welcoming Dennis Orlando, Trevor Maki, Bret Nascimento, and Ryne Hammer as the newest members of our Roster Analyst team.

All four analysts are esteemed alumni of The Scouting Academy and play a crucial role in the daily updates of our roster 2-Deeps across Division 1 football. Their expertise is vital to our mission of providing the most accurate and insightful data in the industry.

- Lucas Kahl: advances to Senior Software Developer

Lucas Kahl is a Senior Developer at NextGen Prospect, based in São Paulo, Brazil. He graduated with a Bachelor's in Information Systems Management from Uninove - Universidade Nove de Julho in 2021. Previously, Lucas worked at iCasei as a Front-End Developer, where he was instrumental in developing new systems and enhancing public web pages using technologies such as React, NextJS, and TypeScript. He joined NextGen Prospect in October 2022 and was quickly promoted due to his technical prowess and leadership in front-end development. Lucas holds certifications in Scrum and has completed specialized programming bootcamps, showcasing his commitment to continuous learning and professional growth. New Consultant Andrea Herrara - Logic Creative Consultant  Introducing NextGen Logic

NextGen Logic, Explore the dynamic world of college football with NextGen Logic, your essential platform for tracking all roster movements. Get real-time insights into the latest commits, detailed reports on transfers, analyses of team production changes, and updates on players entering the draft. For a deeper dive, check out our comprehensive roster depth charts and 2-Deeps, providing a closer look at team compositions. NextGen Logic delivers everything you need to stay informed, from high school prospects to collegiate transfers. Access is free with email sign-up, or unlock premium features and deeper analytics for just $2 per month. With NextGen Logic, mastering the complexities of college football rosters has never been easier!

Enhanced by Strategic Partnerships

Partnerships with PFF and the Reese's Senior Bowl amplify our mission, leveraging their insights to enhance our products and affirm our industry leadership.

Industry Acclaim

NextGen Prospect's impact is widely recognized by top football programs and industry professionals, with testimonials highlighting our platform's unique capabilities and the transformative effect on their operations.

  • "NextGen is instrumental to our operation ... a first-class database that does things no other service can. We wouldn't be where we are today without it." - FBS College Personnel   

  • "NextGen has dramatically changed our evaluation process for the better ... what we have available now revolutionizes how efficiently we can work." - FBS Director of Scouting

About NextGen Prospect

NextGen Prospect transforms college and professional football with unparalleled data organization, revolutionizing roster management and scouting with a commitment to collaboration, excellence and innovation.

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