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Welcome to NextGenProspect - The Ultimate Roster Management and Data Visualization Solution for College and Pro Football Programs.

Elevate your football program to new heights with NextGen Prospect, the most comprehensive roster management and data visualization software tailored for college and professional football teams. Our feature-rich platform includes pre-built rosters, in-depth high school scouting, customizable interfaces, advanced scouting tools, and much more to help you make data-driven decisions for unparalleled success on and off the field. Are you ready to gain a competitive edge? Let's get started!

Why Choose NextGen Prospect?

  1. All-in-One Roster Management: Access daily-updated pre-built rosters across college and pro football, high school, complete with customizable boards, groupings, and player cards.

  2. In-Depth High School Scouting: Find the most detailed information on players with our deep-dive high school National Scouting service, enabling you to recruit top talent with confidence.

  3. Customizable Interface: Tailor your experience with our dynamic label system and fully customizable interface, designed to display the most relevant insights and metrics for your program.

  4. Available Dedicated Development Support: Receive unparalleled assistance with our dedicated software developers, available to meet the needs of our priority and enterprise clients.

  5. Enhanced Communication: Keep your staff connected with our built-in communication and pipeline features, ensuring seamless collaboration.

  6. Transfer Portal Board Builder: Stay ahead in the recruitment game with our cutting-edge transfer portal board builder.

  7. Advanced Scouting: Leverage pre-built PFF depth charts with links to PFF ultimate player pages, and utilize our advanced scouting tools to make informed decisions for your team.


Step-by-Step Guide to Get Started:

  1. Create Your Account: Sign up and join the NextGen Prospect community with just a few clicks. (Coming Soon)

  2. Set-up a personalized, introductory meeting with our team leaders here.

  3. After our initial meeting we will set up a demo account for you to: 

  4. Explore Pre-Built Rosters: Dive into our extensive database of daily-updated rosters across college, pro and high school football.

  5. Customize Your Interface: Tailor our dynamic label system, boards, groupings, and player cards to meet your team's unique requirements.

  6. Uncover Hidden Talent: Utilize our in-depth high school scouting service and transfer portal board builder to recruit the best players for your program.

  7. Collaborate & Strategize: Keep your staff connected with our communication features, and coordinate effortlessly using our centralized platform.

Join the NextGen Prospect Community

Connect with other football professionals, share experiences, and stay informed on the latest industry trends by joining our exclusive community forums and webinars.

Elevate Your Football Program Today

Don't settle for anything less than the best. Start leveraging the power of NextGen Prospect and watch your football program reach new heights. Sign up now and unleash your team's full potential!

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