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Future NFL Speedsters Light Up the Reese's Senior Bowl

Updated: Feb 9

NextGen Speed; Part 6 of Series MOBILE, Alabama -- The Reese's Senior Bowl is set to showcase some of the most electrifying talents in college football. This year's roster is a blend of blistering speed and explosive athleticism, promising a thrilling display of future NFL talent. This year, the event also serves as a platform for understanding NextGen Logic now available to the public. Who are the fastest NFL draft prospects in the Senior Bowl? Leveraging two decades of in-depth data, NextGen has benchmarked hundreds of thousands of profiles, spanning current and former NFL players, as well as collegiate and high school athletes. This extensive research culminates at the Senior Bowl, showcasing the pinnacle of athletic talent, connecting the legacy of NFL legends with the potential of future stars. “Speed is an exponential factor at every level of football… especially in the NFL where every inch of separation is the difference between winning and losing," says NextGen Prospect’s Director of Sports Performance, Dominic Zanot. Key Elements of NextGen Logic Ratings

  • Speed: Logic rates performances in track sprint events like the 55M, 100M, and 200M Dash, with the highest score among these determining the athlete's peak speed rating.For athletes competing in sprint events, individual performances in each event are meticulously rated. 

  • Momentum: A dynamic measure of potential on field force, relative to athleticism and body weight.

  • Explosion: Field events like the High Jump and Long Jump are evaluated for explosive power, with the best performance defining the athlete's explosion rating.

  • Start Rate: This ratio of games started to games played offers a glimpse into the athlete's reliability and consistency throughout their career.

This efficient, easy to understand system paints a complete picture of an athlete's capabilities, balancing detail with brevity, and offering fans, scouts, and enthusiasts an enriched understanding of potential NFL talent.

NextGen Logic's scores are more than just numbers; they are a narrative of each player's unique athletic story, adding depth to the traditional scouting process and enhancing our anticipation of their future in professional football. NextGen x The Reese's Senior Bowl

In 2022, the Reese's Senior Bowl, the pinnacle of pre-draft scouting excellence, embarked on a transformative journey in player evaluation by partnering with NextGen and implementing their innovative team product, NextGen Pro. This pivotal alliance has redefined pro personnel technology in Mobile and has expanded its impact to the broader landscape of college football.

As a provider of cutting-edge technology to elite college football programs & major sports media ,NextGen Prospect has firmly established itself as an integral part of modern football infrastructure.

Over 80% of NextGen's partnerships have been significantly enhanced by customized software solutions. These tailored systems are seamlessly integrated into their current scouting and evaluation workflows, markedly improving their operational effectiveness.

NextGen Pro stands synonymous with optimized Team Operations, while NextGen Logic (Lite) opens up an accessible Database to all, marking a new era in football data and scouting accessibility. Lets check out the fastest and most explosive athlete headed to mobile.


Reese's Senior Bowl Speed OFFENSE | WR Roman Wilson WR - Michigan - 6'0 - 185

Ratings 94.35 Speed | 22.54 | 200M

95.7 Momentum 95.8 Meta

24 starts vs games played

52% Start Rate

Analysis: Michigan's Roman Wilson was a key contributor in the semi-final win over Alabama securing 4 receptions, 87 yards and a touchdown. Wilson's size, explosive play-making ability and toughness playing under Jim Harbaugh bodes well for his NFL potential. Wilson once clocked 4.37 in the 40-yard dash NIKE’s The Opening in 2019.

WR - Arizona - 5'10 - 175

Ratings 95.45 Speed | 21.63 | 200M 96.1 Momentum 95.8 Meta

51 starts out 55 games played

88% career Start Rate

Analysis: Arizona's Jacob Cowing is a model of consistency and explosive play-making ability. From UTEP to Arizona, Cowing ranks #7 all-time in receiving yards (since 1956) with 4,477 yards and 33 touchdowns (1 less than Larry Fitzgerald and two more than Amari Cooper). Cowing's stellar performance has been underlined by his impressive catch streak. His suddenness, acceleration and body control make him a dangerous weapon on the field.

Brenden Rice WR - USC - 6'3 - 210

Ratings 95.02 Speed | 21.84 | 200M 99 Momentum

97 Meta

35 starts out of 43 games played

81% Start Rate

Analysis: Brenden Rice was 10th in the country in receiving touchdowns and put up 45 catches and 791 yards in 2023. Rice's high Meta score signifies his exceptional blend of size and speed, making him a player to watch.

Johnny Wilson WR - Florida State - 6'7 - 237

Ratings 86.9 Speed | 11.71 | 100M 99 Momentum 92.9 Meta

26 starts of 31 games played

84% Start Rate.

Analysis: Johnny Wilson has been a revelation at FSU, displaying rare size, length and athleticism that becomes an instant matchup nightmare for NFL defenses. Wilson is positioned to develop into a true offensive weapon at the next level.

WR - Rice - 6'2 - 198

Ratings 93 Speed | 50.44 | 400M

96 Momentum

95.51 Meta

28 starts of 44 games played

64% Start Rate

Analysis: Former Nebraska QB, Luke McCaffrey's 2023 switch to WR showcases high football IQ and adaptability. Exhibits explosive speed and sharp route running. Brings quarterback's vision to WR role, making him a multi-dimensional prospect in the draft.

WR - Florida - 6'1 -190


92 Speed | 11.02 | 100M

93.9 Momentum

92.9 Meta

34 starts of 55 games played

62% Start Rate

Analysis: Ricky Pearsall has been a standout performer at Florida and Arizona State, known for his precise route-running and game-breaking ability. His transition between programs has been seamless, proving his adaptability and potential in the pros.

WR - Western Kentucky - 5'10 - 210


*83.9 Speed | 12.24 | 100M

87.1 Momentum

85.6 Meta

32 starts of 49 games played

65% start rate.

Analysis: Malachi Corley, a standout at WKU, is not just about catching passes; he’s a yard-after-catch phenomenon. Corley’s ability to turn short gains into big plays is remarkable, making him a lethal offensive weapon.

Jordan Whittington WR - Texas - 6'1 - 204


92.37 Speed | 22.51 | 200M

96.3 Momentum

94.3 Meta

25 starts of 41 games played

61% Start Rate

Xavier Legette WR - South Carolina - 6'3 - 220

Ratings: N/A

32 starts of 53 games played

60% Start Rate

Analysis: After a significant jump from 167 receiving yards in 2021 to 1255 yards in 2023, South Carolina's Xavier Legette has emerged as a key NFL prospect. A former high school quarterback, Legette's game intelligence is evident. His size and athleticism, combined with his upward trajectory, indicate untapped potential and a promising future.


Jawhar Jordan RB - Louisville - 5'10 - 185


94.9 Speed | 10.62 | 100M

96.2 Momentum

95.5 Meta

19 starts of 30 games played

63% career Start Rate.


DEFENSE Jahdae Barron SAF - Texas - 5'11 - 191

Ratings 92.48 Speed | 10.95 | 100M

94.5 Momentum

93.5 Meta

23 starts of 41 games played

56% career Start Rate.

Analysis: Tough competitor willing to mix it up at the catch point displaying twitch and suddenness with strong potential as an under/inside zone nickel in the pros.

CB - Toledo - 6'0 - 200


93.15 Speed | 22.39 | 200M

96.4 Momentum

94.8 Meta 40 starts of 46 games played

87% career Start Rate.

Analysis: Long, rangy athlete. Quinyon Mitchell, known for his record-breaking 20 breakups in a single season, stands out with a 93.15 Speed and 96.4 Momentum rating. His first-team All-MAC honors and multiple All-America recognitions highlight his elite defensive skills. Mitchell's game-changing ability is evident from his extraordinary performance against NIU, earning national accolades. His 52 career passes defended and six interceptions, including a remarkable four in one game, showcase his instinctive playmaking and relentless coverage skills.

CB - Boston College - 6'2 - 184


96 Speed | 21.18 | 200M

96.4 Momentum

96.2 Meta

41 starts of 56 games played

73% Start Rate

SAF - UGA - 5'11 - 195


94 Speed | 50.15 | 400M

96.6 Momentum

94.8 Meta

22 starts of 40 games played

55% Start Rate

SAF - Kentucky - 6'0 - 187


92.14 Speed | 11.0 | 100M

93.4 Momentum

97 Explosion

94.1 Meta

18 starts of 38 games played

42% Start Rate

LB - Mississippi State - 6'2 - 245


90.14 Speed | 11.27 | 100M

99 Momentum

94.57 Meta

39 starts of 55 games played

71% Start Rate

LB - Kentucky - 6'2 - 241


93.07 Speed | 22.34 | 200M

99 Momentum

94.5 Meta

10 starts of 36 games played

53% Start Rate

DE - Penn State - 6'4 - 264


86 Speed | 11.74 | 100M

96.3 Momentum

91.49 Meta

26 starts of 46 games played

47% Start Rate

DL - Western Michigan - 6'3 - 275


83.22 Speed | 24.80 | 200M

95.9 Momentum

95 Explosion

91.3 Meta

22 starts of 38 games played

58% Start Rate

Analysis: Kneeland displays good up field burst, violent, heavy hands, converts speed to power with menacing energy, displacing and often disrupting offensive lineman. He consistently shows one of the highest motors in college football and will benefit being at the Senior Bowl practices by adding countermoves/escapes and additional pass rush moves to his toolkit. Kneeland has the potential to turn heads in Mobile and become a game wrecker in the pros.

Senior Bowl Roster Cont. Washington - QB Michael Penix Jr. 90.82 Speed (22.89 200M) TCU - RB Emani Bailey 91.82 Speed Troy - RB Kimani Vidal 91.4 Speed USC - RB Marshawn Lloyd 88 Speed Louisville - WR Jamari Thrash 89.4 Speed Missouri - DB Ennis Rakestraw 92.3 Speed Missouri - DB Kris Abrams-Draine 84 Explosion Washington State - DB Jaden Hicks 90 Spd, 24/26 92% Start Rate Georgia - WR Ladd McConkey 90.42 Speed

North Carolina - WR Devontez Walker 91.5 South Alabama - QB Carter Bradley 85 Explosion (5-8 High Jump) TCU - TE Jared Wiley 85 Explosion West Virginia - OL Zach Frazier 76 Explosion 46 starts, 98% Start Rate Houston - OL Patrick Paul 6'7 - 315 - Shot/Discus, 44/44, 100% Start Rate Texas A&M - OL Layden Robinson - Discus, 33/46, 72% Start Rate Michigan - LB Michael Barrett 83 Explosion, 35/61, 57% Start Rate

Miami - SAF James Williams 6-5 - 210 Safety 29/33 games started 88% Start Rate


Historical Context - Senior Bowl Alumni Spotlight Puka Nacua (2023) WR - LAR - 6'2 - 205


92.86 Speed | 22.38 | 200M

95.9 Momentum

96 Explosion (23-10 Long Jump)

94.9 Meta+


Historical NFL Benchmark context: Tyreek Hill WR | 98.8 | 20.14 | 200M

Devon Achane RB | 98.4 | 20.31 | 200M Marlon Humphrey CB | 97 | 47.28 | 400M Trey Palmer WR | 96.6 | 21.10 | 200M

Randy Moss WR | 96.5 | 21.15 | 200Mt

Devonta Smith WR | 95 | 49.35 | 400M

Jaylen Waddle WR | 94.4 | 10.48 | 100M Christian McCaffrey RB | 93.6 | 22.17 | 200M

Jerry Jeudy WR | 92 | 22.59 | 200M


Speed and explosive potential is tangible, but to fully understand a player's impact in football, you need to look at how players use that speed on the field, using game tape as the ultimate source of truth. This is where the Senior Bowl scouting team thrives.

Marc Vitticore Vitticore, the driving force behind NextGen, skillfully blends his decades-long legacy as a football coach with innovative sports technology. He transformed NextGen from a simple idea into a vital pro personnel resource for industry giants like 247 Sports, the Senior Bowl and numerous college football programs. His multifaceted role at the Reese's Senior Bowl in tech strategy and scouting showcases his diverse expertise. Beyond his professional pursuits, Vitticore champions community outreach, evidenced by NextGen's ongoing support for Athletes for Hope and the founding of the Service Bowl (2014), which highlights his commitment to empowering and uplifting others.

About Logic: Democratizing Sports Analytics for All

In a groundbreaking move, NextGen Logic redefines access to sports analytics, making its vast platform available to the public. This decision marks a significant shift in the world of sports data, where in-depth analysis and comprehensive databases are no longer reserved for elite professionals or institutions with deep pockets.

Empowering Fans, Scouts, Coaches and Players Alike

With its user-friendly cost, NextGen Logic opens up a world of possibilities for a diverse audience. Fans can now delve into the same rich data and analytics used by professional scouts and coaches. It bridges the gap between casual enthusiasts and professionals, enabling anyone with an interest in sports to explore and understand the nuances of athletic performance on an unprecedented level.

Unleashing a Wealth of Data

This accessibility is transformative. It allows high school coaches to compare their athletes to college and professional players, giving them a new perspective on training and development. Fans can track the progress of their favorite high school stars as they transition to college and, potentially, to the pros. It also provides aspiring athletes a benchmark, letting them see where they stand in relation to their peers and idols.

A Community of Sports Analysts

What NextGen Logic offers goes beyond analytics; it's about building a community. At $2 per month, it invites a broad spectrum of users to engage, discuss, and analyze sports data. It fosters a shared space where ideas, insights, and love for sports can flourish among people from all walks of life.

Improving Sports Engagement

NextGen Logic is more than a platform; it's a fundamental change in how sports data is consumed and understood. It democratizes access to information that was once out of reach, bringing a new level of depth and enjoyment to sports fans, players, and coaches worldwide. With its affordable pricing, NextGen Logic is not just changing the game; it's changing the way we connect with sports. NextGen Logic: Bridging Generations of Athletic Talent

NextGen Logic isn't just about evaluating current athletes; it's a bridge connecting past, present, and future stars. This innovative platform benchmarks over two decades of track and field data, incorporating performances from NFL legends, current college standouts, and emerging high school talents. It's a vast and varied database, encompassing over 40,000 Division 1 FBS and FCS players and more than 100,000 high school athletes. This breadth of data allows for unparalleled comparisons across different eras and levels of play, offering a unique perspective that's both enlightening and engaging.

Connecting the Dots: Past to Present

What makes NextGen Logic truly stand out is its ability to link the performances of past NFL greats with today's college football stars and the rising high school prospects. By doing this, the platform provides a fascinating look at how current athletes stack up against some of the best to ever play the game. This comparison not only highlights the evolving nature of athletic performance over the years but also offers a compelling narrative of progress and potential.

Speed Ratings: A Multi-Generational Lens

The speed ratings from NextGen Logic serve as a crucial tool in this comparative analysis. These ratings go beyond mere numbers; they represent a continuum of athletic excellence. They allow users to see how a high school sprinter's speed compares to a college phenom or an NFL veteran, offering an objective way to gauge raw speed talent across generations.

This unique approach gives fans, scouts, and coaches a comprehensive view of an athlete's speed in the context of a much broader athletic landscape. It's a way to see not just where an athlete stands now, but how they fit into the grand tapestry of sports history. Comprehensive Roster Tracking with Logic

Logic stands out in the sports analytics field with its meticulous tracking of all roster transactions, transfers, and recent high school commits. This exhaustive approach ensures that users have the most up-to-date and accurate information about player movements and team compositions across different levels of the sport.

Deep Dive into NCAA Participation Data

What sets Logic apart is its detailed surfacing of official NCAA participation data. This includes a unique metric: the Start Rate. By calculating the ratio of career games started to games played, Logic offers an insightful glimpse into a player's consistency, reliability, and value to their team. This metric is invaluable for coaches, scouts, and fans looking to understand a player's impact beyond traditional statistics.

Invaluable Tool for Tracking Player Progression

For anyone tracking the progression of players, Logic's comprehensive data becomes an indispensable tool. It allows users to follow a player's journey from high school commitments through their college career, observing how their role and performance evolve over time. This longitudinal view is crucial for identifying emerging talents and understanding the dynamics of player development.

Empowering Decisions with Accurate Data

With Logic, decision-makers in the sports world have a powerful ally. The platform's accurate, timely data on roster changes and player participation enables more informed decisions, whether it's for recruiting, drafting, or analyzing team dynamics. It's a tool that transcends mere statistics, offering a deeper understanding of the game.

A New Standard in Sports Analytics

Logic sets a new standard in sports analytics with its commitment to comprehensive, accurate, and accessible data. By tracking every facet of player and team movement, and providing unique insights like the Start Rate, Logic empowers its users with a level of understanding previously unattainable in the world of sports analytics.

A New Era

NextGen Logic marks the beginning of a new initiative within NextGen Prospect. Logic's a platform that encourages exploration and discovery, inviting users to delve into the nuances of athletic performance across different levels and eras. Whether it's comparing a high school athlete's explosiveness to a draft prospect, or seeing how current college stars compare against their opponents, NextGen Logic offers insights that are as informative as they are intriguing.

With its expansive database, sophisticated analysis tools, and ease of access, NextGen Logic isn't just charting the course of athletic performance; it's rewriting the narrative of access to sports data, one athlete at a time. **4.97 month to month or $25 per year ($2.08 per month with yearly plan) *Newtons career start rate ranks atop all of CFB relative to all defensive players

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