Let's Level the Playing Field

We are passionate about growing the game of football, and strive to level the playing field across regions and socioeconomic backgrounds to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to participate in this great sport. 


This passion is the driving force behind NextGen Prospect. As the sport has become increasingly reliant on data,

we recognize the need to help coaches, personnel departments and scouts find clarity in a constant flow of information. Analytics is the name of the game of the future, and our cutting edge data visualization software allows decision makers at all levels to find the players they need to succeed - from the prized five-star recruit to the next diamond in the rough. 

In doing so we help more athletes achieve their full potential

while giving teams a competitive advantage on and off the playing field.



We help teams succeed on the field and the recruiting trail

by leveraging revolutionary and fully customizable

data aggregation and visualization software. 


To make the recruiting and scouting process work better for everyone so that teams can focus on what matters most.

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A Winning Team

Like any successful football team, the teammates at NextGen Prospect

bring an array of skills and perspectives to the table.

Sure we love the game of football. That's a given.

It is our passion for making this great game better through data-driven 

insights that drives us to deliver unsurpassed value to our clients.


Thanks for reaching out to us.

For Inquiries please email info@nextgenprospect.com