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Let's Level the Playing Field

We are passionate about growing the game of football, and strive to level the playing field across regions and socioeconomic backgrounds to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to participate in this great sport. 


This passion is the driving force behind NextGen Prospect. As the sport has become increasingly reliant on data,

we recognize the need to help coaches, personnel departments and scouts find clarity in a constant flow of information. Analytics is the name of the game of the future, and our cutting edge data visualization software allows decision makers at all levels to find the players they need to succeed - from the prized five-star recruit to the next diamond in the rough. 

In doing so we help more athletes achieve their full potential

while giving teams a competitive advantage on and off the playing field.



We help teams succeed on the field and the recruiting trail

by leveraging revolutionary and fully customizable

data aggregation and visualization software. 


To make the recruiting and scouting process work better for everyone so that teams can focus on what matters most.

Our commitment to continuous improvement, adaptability, and collaboration has established NextGen Prospect as a trusted partner for football programs nationwide. We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve unprecedented success by providing a software platform that seamlessly integrates roster management, data visualization, scouting, and recruitment tools. With NextGen Prospect by your side, the sky's the limit.

Join us on our mission to redefine the future of football programs and experience the transformative power of NextGen Prospect. Let's work together to create a lasting legacy of success.

Like any successful football team, the teammates at NextGen Prospect

bring an array of skills and perspectives to the table.

Sure we love the game of football. That's a given.

It is our passion for making this great game better through data-driven 

insights that drives us to deliver unsurpassed value to our clients.

A Winning Team


Marc Vitticore

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At the heart of our innovation is the passion and dedication of our founder and CEO,

Marc Vitticore.

Visionary Leadership at NextGen Prospect 


We believe that visionary leadership is essential for driving innovation and success. Vitticore's exceptional coaching career and his experience with Prospect NYS have provided him with unique insights and perspectives that have shaped our company's approach. By harnessing his deep understanding of the challenges faced by football programs and combining it with cutting-edge technology, Alongside our team, Vitticore has created a powerful software solution that empowers teams to reach their full potential.

Before NextGen


Vitticore, a proven leader and successful football coach, has always been driven to overcome challenges and push the boundaries of success. His distinguished career began when he took over a struggling program that had only 26 wins in the previous 10 seasons. Undeterred, Marc demonstrated his exceptional leadership and coaching abilities, leading the team to an impressive 27-4 record in his first three seasons as head coach. This incredible turnaround included guiding the program to their first Section Championship (2012) since 2000.

Vitticore's coaching success continued at Fairport, where he helped the team achieve a 6-1 regular-season record in 2018, earning a playoff spot for the first time since 2011. With a career record of 36-11, Marc's achievements include 2 Section V Championships, 2 New York State Qualifier Wins, 4 League Championships (FL West and Monroe County East), New York State Coach of the Year 2014, FL Times Coach of the Year x2, Messenger Post Coach of the Year x2, 3 Time League COY (Finger Lakes West) and 1 time Monroe County East Coach of the Year. Marc has also been selected to coach the Eddie Meath All-Star game three times, once as head coach and twice as an assistant.

Spotlight on Prospect NYS 

After his coaching career, Marc founded Prospect NYS, a scouting service with high school players and high school coaches at its core. His vision was to drive a new movement that highlighted the previously sparsely recruited state of New York. Through his tireless efforts, Marc helped shine a light on programs and ignited newfound interest in New York from college programs across the country. Prospect NYS has since become an invaluable resource for players, coaches, and recruiters alike.


Lucas Kahl

Lead Developer


Celso Fernandes

Senior Developer | Co-Founder

brian hawlkins.jpeg

Brian Hawkins

National Director of Scouting

trevor maki_edited.jpg

Trevor Maki

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Southwest/Southeast Area Scout

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Bret Nascimento

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Northeast Area Scout


Ryne Hammer

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Midwest Area Scout

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Gino Cammilleri

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West Area Scout

Dom Zanot.webp

Dom Zanot

Director of Sports Performance and Project MPH


Kevyn Rustici

Strategic Advisor | Business Growth

dan martin.jpeg

Dan Martin

Strategic Advisor | Marketing


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