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NextGen Speed: 2024 Signing Class Spotlight - Tennessee

NextGen Speed; Part 5 of Series Tennessee Speed Ratings 2024 Class 92.2 Overall Ratings TBD

Who are the fastest players among the 2024 Tennessee recruiting class? Peyton Lewis RB | 96.45 | 21.20 | 200M Note: Tennessee has one of the fastest RB prospects in the NFL draft with Jalyen Wright (96) and also returns one of the best overall athletes in all of CFB; Cameron Seldon (95.2 Spd, 99 Momentum)

Braylon Stayley WR 95.51 | 21.6 | 200M Justin Baker RB 91.38 | 11.1 | 100M

Kaleb Beasley CB | 90.14 | 11.27 | 100M Mike Matthews  WR 87.9 | 11.57 | 100M Tennessee continues to add speed and explosiveness to an already potent roster. With the potential to return several offensive lineman, the volunteers are poised to have a tremendous season in 2024.

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