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NextGen is an all-in-one scouting platform inspired by the way you work. 

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Scouting Management Platform

We are a professional community. Independent. Equal access. Driven to make a difference.

Providing access to safe, equal recruiting opportunities is our mission. It's your right. Our vision is to connect prospects, coaches and professional scouts on our platform. Learn how we deliver authentic and insightful experiences for members.  


Create and manage your profile viewable by the people that matter the most: verified college coaches and staff.

High School Staff

Manage, invite, evaluate and share prospects from your team to verified colleges and universities. 

College Staff 

Search live, import or add  your own prospects. Create in-depth Scouting Reports and manage your prospects on your team boards.


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Recruiting is personal and it's yours. Take control of your journey with our insightful and user-friendly platform. Our app is exclusively designed for athletes and recruiters. No frills. No gimmicks. 

Our mission is to get you connected to the people that can help you achieve your goals. On your own terms. Unlike other apps, NGP is built soley for the recruiting space, helping to ensure objectivity, authenticity and most importantly safety. 



Athletes work countless hours on practicing their craft. In and out of season. Add travel leagues, strength and conditioning and application fees for college. The cost adds up. Our service is free for athletes. Forever. Families are often stuck shelling out massive amounts of money for recruiting opportunities for their children. This "pay to play" effectively means "pay to be recruited." 

Our mission is to ensure every student-athlete with a dream to play college sports has equal access to college coaches and recruiters.


We hold ourselves and our users to the highest standards of conduct and professionalism. Our service comes from an educational perspective. We operate as if within a perpetual classroom and expect our members to conduct themselves accordingly. Navigating the recruiting landscape can be a daunting task as it is - providing a safe, professional place for student-athletes to connect with verified recruiters is essential. That's why we strictly verify all coaches and recruiters as members of the NCAA, accredited universities/college only. Learn more.

Further, we protect your privacy using the highest industry standards using both technology and strict policies. Learn more.


Equal Access.

We believe that all athletes, across all recruitable sports and levels should have equal access. Our network is offered at no cost to users. Future, premium services  will be offered to college & professional coaches, recruiters, 


Our mission is to shine a light on all high school and college sports, allowing athletes equal access to opportunities.


Our vision is simple, yet powerful.  We aim to provide a professional, reliable platform for all stakeholders in the areas of recruitment, prospect evaluation and networking.