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NGP partners with emerging computer vision company Reel Analytics.

NextGen Prospect Announces Partnership with Reel Analytics.

NextGen Prospect adds athletic tracking data to its player management platform alongside emerging analytics company, Reel Analytics (formerly Recruiting Analytics)

Fairport, New York – NextGen Prospect, a cutting-edge sports data visualization and roster management solution, has partnered with Reel Analytics to provide collegiate teams a deeper look into the athletic profile of players across the country.

"We want every player to have every possible chance to stand out in the eyes of collegiate and professional programs by providing robust data and insights that teams can use to build their dream team. We realized that so much of the actual scouting, visits, conversations and in-depth analysis wasn't happening due to inefficiencies in the way teams interact with this data. At NGP we re-envisioned the entire roster management, scouting, and real-time data analysis process giving a new experience, and enabling all to be successful in this new data era of the game. NGP is focused on empowering teams with the data and insights they need to win."

NextGen Prospect has bolstered the player evaluation process combining Reel data into its existing Roster Builder, Advanced Scouting, Transfer Portal, custom features and more.

“Our partnership with NextGen Prospects enables the digital distribution of our in-game athleticism data to college football programs. Together, we’re bringing qualitative observational data and quantitative in-game athleticism data together in one unified platform for deeper insights on prospects,” said Reel Analytics’ Co-founder and CEO Cory Yates.

NextGen offers proprietary front-end software that helps users win, both on the playing field and the recruiting trail, and will allow RA clients to bring game changing data to the forefront. Reel Analytics Co-founder Alfonzo Thurman said, “We are excited that consumers of Reel Analytics’ data now have the opportunity to digest it in such a user-friendly format. The NextGen Prospects platform user experience and customer service are best in class.”

“Reel Analytics goes beyond the max velocity metric and measures time to max speed, acceleration, transition time (change of direction), separation, closing time and more. These are the kinds of details that help teams differentiate between similarly graded players.”

"RA technology extracted position-specific metrics from thousands of collegiate and NFL players to develop our proprietary IGA Score, a measure of in-game athleticism. Evaluating prospects using our IGA Score helped build a championship roster at Georgia, rebuild at TCU, and make history at Jackson State,” said Cory Yates.

About Reel Analytics Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Reel Analytics (formerly Recruiting Analytics) is a sports technology and data company that analyzes video to measure in-game athleticism so coaches can evaluate players more accurately. Patent-pending AI-powered technology from Reel Analytics unlocks previously unavailable athleticism data from video to produce objective player evaluations. As a result, Reel Analytics has emerged as a trusted authority in the player evaluation space by NFL scouts, NFL agents and nationally ranked college football programs.

Founded in 2019, Reel Analytics is a Panoramic Ventures portfolio company and has been shortlisted by Pepperdine University’s Graziadio Business School as one of the Top 100 Most Fundable Companies.

About NGP

Headquartered in Fairport, NY, NextGen Prospect was launched in 2020 and has quickly built a client base of major college football and professional football teams.

Built on collaboration and innovation, NextGen Prospect engineers powerful solutions for teams to manage their evolving roster needs. Teams can view, filter and sort the NextGen Scouting Database, create their own custom boards for internal use within the same technology utilized by the Reese’s Senior Bowl, the SEC, XFL and beyond.

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Media Contacts:

Dan Martin – Strategic Advisor

Cory Yates

Alfonzo Thurman

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