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NextGen Prospect bolsters tech with national sprint & diagnostic events.

NGP Launches Project MPH

NextGen Prospect bolsters technology offerings with national sprint and world class diagnostic testing events.

New York – NextGen Prospect, a cutting-edge sports data visualization and roster management solution, has launched Project MPH in order to provide collegiate teams unprecedented verified data derived from in person track events. “Our mission is to help High School Football student-athletes improve their speed and explosive power to further enhance their high school playing ability as well as their performance in college and beyond,” said Dom Zanot, NextGen’s Director of Sports Science and Founder of Athletics Westchester.

”We have spent a great deal of time researching the best speed measurement technology in the world. The instantaneous speed measurements will allow evaluators and student athletes the ability to gain a better understanding of how a player ran a particular time, ” National Analyst, Brian Hawkins “This is a very unique event. Not only will athletes receive quality instruction/video analysis with professional Track & Field sprint coaches from Athletics Westchester, they will also receive world class diagnostic testing.”

Project MPH launches in the Northeast and New England on Sunday, February 26th at the Bethel High School Indoor Track & Field Center in Bethel, Connecticut. “Speed and explosiveness can be improved with intentional training. Providing athletes with quality instruction, video analysis and diagnostic testing at Project MPH is a unique opportunity that will help focus their off season preparation and in season performance. We hope athletes and coaches take advantage of this pioneering event,” added Zanot. Video and data collected from the event will be exclusively surfaced within the NextGen Platform accessible by collegiate coaches and staff.

Additional events are planned for North Carolina and south Florida this spring with TBD dates/times.. Finally, Project MPH will conclude in the Mid-Atlantic on Sunday, May 21st at The Hill School in Pottstown, PA.

NextGen offers proprietary front-end software that helps users win, both on the playing field and the recruiting trail, and will allow RA clients to bring game changing data to the forefront. Reel Analytics Co-founder Alfonzo Thurman said, “We are excited that consumers of Reel Analytics’ data now have the opportunity to digest it in such a user-friendly format. The NextGen Prospects platform user experience and customer service are best in class.” More from NGP Sports Science; Why diagnostic testing and data collection is important for Speed and Explosiveness:

Peak Force (First Step): Using a 0-45m acceleration from a 2pt start measured by the MuscleLab Laser, we are able to calculate a force score for the first step of a sprint. The greater the force of the first step, the greater the speed AND distance traveled. Improving Peak Force allows athletes to "get fast, faster".

Peak Power (Steps 4-6): Using a 0-45m acceleration from a 2pt start measured by the MuscleLab Laser, we are able to calculate a power score for steps 4-6 of a sprint. The greater the power of steps 4-6, the greater the acceleration in the early stages of a sprint. Improving Peak Power allows athletes to become better in their transition to maximum velocity.

Peak Velocity (m/s and MPH): Using the 0-45m acceleration from a 2pt start measured by the MuscleLab Laser, we are able to calculate a peak velocity within that distance in both meters per second (m/s) and miles per hour (mph).

Acceleration Patterns (m/s): In addition, the MuscleLab system is able to analyze acceleration in which each athlete will receive a peak velocity from 0-45m, as well as time to peak and distance to peak. This data can help athletes understand their own acceleration pattern and what is needed to create improvement.

Momentum (N*s): Finally, we will be able to calculate Momentum for each athlete in different segments of the sprint. Momentum is a measurement of size and speed so this will provide an opportunity to create a level playing field for the down lineman and other interior positions.

In addition to the diagnostic measurement, athletes will be filmed and receive on demand feedback in the skills of acceleration, max velocity stride patterns and ground contact technique. Finally, we will provide a document of exercises that can best help improve each diagnostic measurement. “This way, the student-athletes leave with applicable solutions for improvement,” said Zanot.

This “Speed X-Ray” that includes Instruction + Video + Diagnostic Testing + Solutions will help you better prepare your off season training programs in both the short term and long term.

About NGP

Headquartered in Fairport, NY, NextGen Prospect was launched in 2020 and has quickly built a client base of major college football and professional football teams.

Built on collaboration and innovation, NextGen Prospect engineers powerful solutions for teams to manage their evolving roster needs. Teams can view, filter and sort the NextGen Scouting Database, create their own custom boards for internal use within the same technology utilized by the Reese’s Senior Bowl, the SEC and beyond.

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Media Contacts:

Dan Martin – Strategic Advisor

Dom Zanot - Director of Sports Science

Brian Hawkins - National Scouting Director | Analyst

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