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Beyond the Tape: The Unseen Traits that Separate Good from Great - Insights from Top NFL Scouts

"The most important thing for a scout is to have a feel for the player's passion and competitiveness. It's the single most important trait a player can have." - John Dorsey


"We're looking for players who can come in and help teams win right away. We want guys who are tough, competitive, and have a great work ethic. And of course, we're always looking for guys who have that 'it' factor – the intangible qualities that can't be measured on a stat sheet." - Jim Nagy

"Scouting is all about evaluating the player's heart and his ability to overcome adversity." - Bill Polian

"I don't scout players, I scout people. A great scout can see a diamond in the rough, and knows how to help polish it into something special." - Louis Riddick

"You can't measure heart, passion, and desire in a player. That's what separates the good ones from the great ones." - Scott Pioli

"The best scouts don't just look at the tape, they also take the time to understand the player's background and character." - Daniel Jeremiah

"The best scouts are the ones who can identify a player's strengths and weaknesses and then figure out how to maximize his strengths and minimize his weaknesses." - Ozzie Newsome

"The best players have a unique blend of physical talent, mental toughness, and work ethic. As scouts, we're looking for those players who have all three." - Brian Gutekunst

"The most important trait for a scout is patience. It takes time to evaluate players and get a complete picture of who they are and what they can do." - Rick Spielman

"Scouting is a lot like solving a puzzle. You have to put all the pieces together and figure out how they fit to create a complete picture of the player." - Duke Tobin.

"Scouting is about identifying the players who have the potential to impact a team's culture, not just their record." - Reggie McKenzie

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