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NGP Expands Existing Tech Package with National Scouting Service

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

NextGen Prospect launches National Scouting Service within its existing technology solutions.

Fairport, NY – NextGen Prospect has launched a National Scouting Service to be included within its existing Roster Management platform. Scouts are hired exclusively from those trained through The Scouting Academy, the premier scouting-preparation platform designed to rigorously train evaluators to conduct trait based analysis of players that looks beyond basic observations and identifies the root causes of that player’s performance.

“From inception, our goal with The Scouting Academy has been to aid evaluators in improving their skill set. To build upon their understanding of the game and build a foundation that allows them to make a real impact in the evaluation community.” said Dan Hatman, Founder and Director of Scouting Development for The Scouting Academy. “Opportunities like the one with NextGen Prospect provide our alumni with real world experiences valued by some of the premium programs in college football. Marc and his team are quality people who have worked to really understand the needs of college programs and we are proud to connect quality alumni of our program with such a fantastic company.”

While exposure to the game of football and evaluation is at an all-time high, those with a deeper understanding of player evaluation is where NextGen Prospect wants to focus staffing in order to provide the highest value to the programs they work with.

“Our partnership with The Scouting Academy will take our platform to new heights,” said NextGen Director, Marc Vitticore.

“The Scouting Academy has raised the bar in the industry since their inception. Their practices are thorough, scalable and repeatable. They prepare scouts to think like engineers, focusing on processes and trait evaluation rather than editorialized opinions. Objective reporting in a subjective world is a difficult line to balance in this space. Dan Hatman and his team at the Scouting Academy are the industry gold standard.”

Built on collaboration and innovation, NextGen Prospect engineers powerful solutions for teams to manage their evolving roster needs. Teams can view, filter and sort the NextGen Scouting Database, create their own custom boards for internal use within the same technology utilized by the Reese’s Senior Bowl, the SEC, XFL and beyond.

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